The Riceboat Experience

The famed backwaters of Kerala has always been one of the main attractions for people visiting Kerala and a visit to Kerala is incomplete until you go on a cruise on a Riceboat. The Riceboats traditionally used to transport rice from the paddy fields in the interiors of the backwaters to the market towns at a time when access was only through the waterways. Things have changed now and with the advent of the road network that go into the interiors of the backwaters these splendid boats were put out of service. These have now been converted with varying levels of comfort to take guests around the backwaters so experience the life as it was years the comforts of your personal boat. You get pampered by the crew who dish out amazing dishes and you can rest assured that you will be looked after well. The cruise that we offer will be in the Kuttanad region of the backwaters which is the heart of the backwaters and perhaps the best place to go to see real life on the backwaters. This would involve a short road transfer to the start of the cruise and depending on the cruise you opt for, either a day cruise ( 4-5 hours) or an overnight cruise, we pick you and bring you back to the resort.