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Covid-19 Safety


Greetings from all of us at Ameya Kerala. We hope you and your family are safe and in good health.

For over 3 years, Ameya Kerala has been delivering unforgettable holiday experiences, while preserving the purity of nature and culture of the land. Today, as we prepare to welcome you back. We continue to build on our relationship, with your safety and wellbeing, at its core. With the implementation of our new hygiene protocols, We, at Ameya Kerala, have taken all possible steps to provide a safe environment for you and your family to enjoy a memorable holiday.

These Protocols have been formulated in consultation with the best of public health experts, and they are continuously evolving in keeping with the latest revelations in this fields. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure an extra level of protection for you and your loved ones. We really look forward to welcoming you back once again.

Warm Regards,
Team Ameya Kerala

Pre – Arrival

  • New online self check- in facility
  • Online Declaration
  • Online communication of our safety and hygiene protocols


  • Checking of body temperature on arrival with a Non-contact Clinical Infrared Thermometer
  • Face Masks provided for your use
  • Non-contact greeting by our staff using our signature ‘Namaskara’ greeting
  • Disinfecting all baggage at time of check-in
  • Hand sanitization after luggage delivery


  • Sanitization of all high-risk touch points in the room prior to check-in
  • All cottage amenities sanitized before being placed in the cottages
  • AC filters cleaned and disinfected at increased frequency
  • Jacuzzi and bath tubs sanitized both post departure and pre check-in
  • Hand sanitizers available in all public areas including main building
  • Frequent hand sanitization by all staff members
  • All staffs wearing protective gear (mask )


  • Hourly washing and sanitization of the kitchen
  • Dining areas mopped using appropriate disinfectant / water above 60 degrees, after every meal period

Check Out

  • Contactless bill payment
  • E-Invoice sent via email
  • Online feedback

Kerala model of COVID Resistance.

Amid the corona threat that has worried the common people and high officials alike, it is Kerala’s stringent measures that are being praised globally. The Minister of Health, Social Justice and Women and Child Development of the state, KK Shailaja was interviewed by the BBC. She talked about the initial strict measures that controlled the death rate by a significant amount in the state. She is said to have kept a track of the fast-spreading virus since its break out in Wuhan and thus rolled out an immediate action plan to tackle the virus beforehand.

The state curbed international flights two days before the country went into lockdown. They accommodated and fed about 1,50,000 migrant workers who are now being sent home via charter trains. Kerala is preparing and planning its further actions and has thought of possible measures if the state suffers from the worst-case scenario. To meet the dearth of manpower that may arise, the state is training school teachers in contact tracing as the minister feels that tracing and testing are the most crucial steps.

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